Our Branches


In our school, from their first encounter with English children are provided an entertaining and interactive English learning programme enriched with various plays, songs and activities that go parallel and in coordination with other kindergarten activities held in their mother tongue.



The objective of music activities at kindergarten level is to develop children’s sense of rhythm, self-confidence, concentration skills and adaptation for teamwork. Within the scope of music activities, children perform rhythm exercises, learn about instruments and are informed of a composer every month.


Physical Training

In our school physical training activities including gymnastic exercises based on balance, free rolling, climbing and hanging practices as well as ball plays and educational plays proper to age groups are provided for children with the aim of supporting their physical development.



The purpose of chess training held at middle and preschool levels is to provide that children become able to manage their time, make causal connections among events, develop their skills of anticipation and anaylsis as well as their mathematical and logical intelligence.


Visual Arts

The purpose of visual arts training given by our art teacher is to develop children’s aesthetic sense, raise their awareness, support their manual skills and inform them about various artists and techniques of art.


Folk Dances

In our school folk dances courses are held besides other dance courses with the intention of having children grasp the richness and beauty of our culture and folklore and acquire teamwork consciousness and the skill of self-expression.



Computer training courses are held with 4-5 age groups once in a week with the purpose of developing children’s hand-eye coordination, support what they learn with computer games and have them learn by entertaining.