Parent-School Communication


Individual parent meetings are held in our school once in a semester for “general student evaluation.” Parents, class teachers, counsellors and school principal attend to these meetings to evaluate the developmental stages the student pass through during the semester. Moreover, parents can meet teachers throughout the year when needed. Each teacher has a particular day and hour for these interviews.


Our teacher write down what activities the students attend during the day into this notebooks as well as other notes they want to communicate to parents. Since these notebooks are used on a daily basis, students carry them in their bags throughout the week.


Parents receive monthly guidance bulletins and parent bulletins prepared by our guidance and counselling department. In the montly bulletin, parents are informed about the activities held in the previous month and prospective activities to be held, drama, experimentation and maths activities, Project studies, ceremonies and other events. Our parents can follow all educational and training facilities held in our school from these bulleting and can support their children’s studies using these bulletins as a guide.