Our History

Marmara Private Education Institutions is an education institution the purpose of which is to realize the principle of “From Nursery to Life” at every level of education. Marmara Private Education Institutions was brought into being in 1985 with Çağdaşım Kindergarten in Maltepe,Istanbul. Following that, in 1991IstanbulMarmaraElementary SchoolandIstanbulCollege, in 1993IstanbulMarmaraScienceHigh School, and in 1996Istanbul Marmara PrivateAnatolianVocationalHigh Schoolwere founded. Thereafter in 1997, T.R. Maltepe University and in 1998 Bodrum Marmara Schools (Bodrum Marmara Kindergartens, Elementary School and High School) in its campus in Bodrum were added to the succession of our institutions.    

In 1999, Marmara Education Institutions moved its new place,MarmaraEducationVillage, the biggest and most well-equipped campus ofTurkeylocated on100 hectaresof land with a30 hectaresof 100% earthquake-resistant indoor area.

Continuing its education life in its new campus here, Marmara Education Institutions has expanded its educational service area in 2006-2007 academic year with the new kindergartens opened in Suadiye, Küçükyalı, Ümraniye, Kartal, Pendik and Bodrum.

Aiming at raising world citizens who have the necessary skills and knowledge according to the requirements of the information era, who are well-prepared for the next stage of their education, who are lifelong learners proud of their national identity and representing their country successfully MARMARA EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS’ vision is to become a world class school which graduates the children of its graduates

Marmara Education Institutions render service to the society with its education system in continuous pursuit of perfection with the consciousness of being a “World School” which prepares its students for both national and international higher education in accordance with their academic, intellectual and social interests and which collaborate with national and international organizations and schools within the scope of education programmes and projects.  

Marmara Education Institutions has marked itself out as a structure aiming at actualizing the principle of “from Kindergarten to life” at every stage of education. One privilege of our institution is that it raises world citizens who say hello to education life with kindergarten and internalize the national and universal values with elementary school, high school and university education.

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