Use Of School Buses
  • Since the time taken in the school shuttles is considered as the continuation of school day, students should act according to the school rules during the period. 
  • The students benefitting the shuttle service are obliged to be present at the assigned point at the assigned time.
  • The shuttles do not wait the students who do not take notice of the assigned time since this causes other students to wait. The transportation of the late comers from school to home or vice versa is provided by their parents. 
  • The school shuttles can on no account be used by others who are not registered students.  Yet in inevitable cases and if there are adequate place in the shuttle, the driver may as well pick up other students who are enrolled to the shuttle firm. 
  • In compulsory cases, the parents of the students who will change shuttles should send a document stating that they allow this shuttle change to the shuttle firm via fax. Or in the absence of fax machine, the parents may send the required document with the student to be delivered to the firm by the shuttle driver.   
  • In cases of shuttle change, the transportation firm makes the necessary arranements if there is adequate place in the shuttle the student needs to use.
  • Without the permission document signed by the parent(s) the students are on no account permitted to change shuttles or to leave the school by another vehicle.
  • Even if they have driving licence, it is not appropriate for high school students to come to the school by their own cars.
  • Parents who prefer private shuttles for transportation are supposed to help the school by providing that the private shuttles arrive the school at 08:25 at the latest like other shuttles.  

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