Marmara College celebrated the graduation of its students who received a world standard education with a splendid ball held at Çırağan Palace. This year Bodrum Marmara College students attended the Graduation Ball at Çırağan Palace for the first time to enjoy the pleasure of graduation together with their schoolmates from Istanbul Marmara College. The students who prepared for LYS exams along the year have their photos taken in the unique atmosphere of Çırağan Palace. In the advancing hours of the night which began with the incredible delicacies of the Ottoman Court cuisine, the enthusiasm of the students dancing with their friends and teachers was worth seeing. At the end of the night after the congratulatory address of Hüseyin Şimşek, the founder of Marmara Education Institutions, was read, the brand new graduates cut the graduation cake and expressed that graduating from a prestigious school like Marmara College was a real privilege and that special night was one of the most beautiful and unforgettable memories in their lives.


2014  Video