A Day in Marmara Kindergarten

By 08:45 the children begin to come to school by kindergatrten shuttle vehicles. (Hostesses accompany them in their way to school.)

The children take off and hang their coats in the changing room, put on their classroom shoes and g oto their classrooms in company with their teachers.

They start the day with Spare Time Activities. They play with toy blocks, play doughs and draw pictures in their corners of interest (playing house, science & nature, art, traffic, book and puppet corners).

When all children come together at 9:35, they go downstairs to the refectory for breakfast.

In Mother Tongue activities, they learn about new subjects, read stories to summarize and dramatize them after then, recite poems and nursery rhymes.

Mother Tongue activities are supported by the method of active learning by the regular use of the zoo, greenhouse and elementary school laboratory at the school campus.

They learn acting in group by playing in groups within the scope of Play and Physical Activities.

They have breakfast at 12:00. Meals cooked in our school kitchen are served by staff in the kindergarten refectory. Meals are prepared properly for children’s taste and at high nutritional value. The children brush their teeth after lunch.

Within Musical and Aesthetic Activities, they learn songs about the subjects taught that day. They are encouraged to express the songs with their body language. And they also make rythm exercises.

Within Art Activities, handcraft activities intended to develop the creativity of children are organized.

Within the scope of Preparatory Activities for Reading and Writing, they learn concepts and how to reflect them into their daily life. They learn how to hold the pencil, how to read books and make exercises with numbers. In Education Activities their sense of self maintenance develops. Various activities are held in order for the development of their skills regarding daily activities like eating, cleaning, dressing and undressing, etc.

The tiredness of the day is relieved by yummy muffins, cookies and cakes prepared for their mid-afternoon meal.

By 15:30 the children begin to prepare for returning home. The shuttle vehicles depart from the kindergarten at 15:50.

A Day in Marmara Kindergarten A Day in Marmara Kindergarten A Day in Marmara Kindergarten