Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and psychological counselling services constitutes an indispensable and complementary part of the education system. Guidance and counselling is first formulated with the aim of solving students’ problems and to relieve students having problems but then it evolved to include healthy students as well. The purpose of guidance and counselling service is to provide the best opportunities for students’ development in every sense while they continue their education at school desks.

Guidance and psychological counselling is a regular support process conducted by specialists in order to help individuals in recognizing themselves and the opportunities around them, developing their potential powers, solving their problems and realize themselves.

In guidance services the counsellor, teacher, students and parent are indispensable parts of a whole. The key element of this whole is the students. The parents, teacher and the counsellor can achieve the end if they act in collaboration for the emotional, social and academic development of the child.

Behaviorial changes in the individual can be partly incidental or automatic and partly be fostered by the planned effect of adults. The process of one’s fostering change in her/his behaviours in a planned and conscious way by her/his own lived experiences is called “education.” And the basis of guidance and psychological counselling services as a field aiming at helpling individuals in realizing themselves is this very change fostered in the behaviours of individuals.

In preschool period, which is one of the most important stages in human life, the quality of the education the child receives will have a great influence on her/his prospective life. With this in mind, Marmara Education Institutions Kindergarten which adopts uniting academic and scientific approach in education with affection as principle aspires to give you pedagogical support in every respect you require. Our supportive effort will be in the form of pre-interviews to be held between the family and the counsellor; interviews by appointment to be held whenever needed by parents throughout the year and monthly parent bulletins including brief information on various subjects deemed important.

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