Best Buddıes Turkey Club Contınuıng Studıes

The social responsibility project, launched in 2013-2014 Academic Year on the basis of volunteering within Marmara Educational Institutions, continues its work with volunteer students under the guidance of Best Buddies Turkey Club consultant teachers Damla Uluöz Memiş and Selin Alkan Güven.

Following the introductory seminar held in Marmara Educational Institutions, a workshop was organized under the chairmanship of Fidan Karaahmetoğlu, the Official Program Coordinator of Best Buddies Turkey, and then the volunteer students participated in the “leadership” seminar held in İstek Belde Schools. Best Buddies Turkey Trakya Program Coordinator Recep Altınordu addressed the concepts such as mental endurance, time engineering, volunteerism, leadership, and also introduced AYDER (Alternative Life Association). The other seminar on “The Right Approach To The Disabled " was held at Eyüboğlu College, where the volunteer students were given information by the head of the Department of Teacher Education at Istanbul Aydin University, Assoc. Dr. Mine Akkaynak about individuals with intellectual disabilities, autism and social disadvantage, and made important assessments about how the right approach should be made to these individuals in society.

Students of Marmara Educational Institutions who have completed their education on the approach to disabled individuals have started their studies to continue for one year by matching with their sister school, Ünret Kurşunoğlu Special Education Center students in November 2019.