Our Services

Works for Students: Our counselling services are based on recognizing the interests, abilities and personal characteristics of our students through observation, tests and inventories;  understanding and orienting them in the correct way. In our works for the students, our aim is to provide that they know themselves, develop their academic and other skills, and acquire positive personal characteristics. Considering the age groups and development level, we make works that provide an opportunity and an appropriate environment for them to become individuals who are sensitive both to themselves and their environment and who have the basic life skills.  

1. Orientation Works: We give support to the students who have just started school as absolute beginners or as post facto enrollment.  

2. Works for Knowing the Student: 

  • Draw a Family Picture 
  • Autobiography
  • Sociometry (implemented every year once at each semester at the whole class level) 
  • Core Capability Test-TKT (implemented every year with an aim to assign the interests and abilities of the 4th grade students. The results are shared with the students and parents).
  • My Thoughts about Myself  
  • Sentence Completion Test 
  • Learning Styles Test 
  • Individual tests and scales implemented if needs be 

3 – Supportive Works for Personal Development

The aim of the group works held in various matters is to increase the self-awareness of the students who are in need of support within the group, to develop their skills and to contribute their reflecting these skills into concrete behaviors.  

Group Works

  • Coping with Exam Anxiety: Three-session group study carried out with the aim of increasing the students’ skills of coping with exam anxiety. 
  • Social Skills Development: Five-session group study carried out with the aim of developing the students’ social skills (communication, anger management, problem solving, identification and expression of emotions).
  • Attention and Concentration: Five-session group study carried out with the aim of enhancing the students’ level of attention and concentration.
  • Effective Study: Orientation and Catch-up works are done for parents and students with the aim of acquiring students the habit of studying.

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