Message From The Founder

KurucumuzdanDear All,

Education has gained lifelong continuity with the motto ‘from cradle to grave’ in our age. Change becomes the symbol of today’s society. Technological, cultural, economic and social developments and changes are accelerated. The prerequisite for the desired development in every society is qualified human resource, qualified and far-reaching formal and informal education. Therefore, the social changes require the changes of the school in parallel.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the education institutions are directly proportionate to keeping up with the changes of era and meeting its requirements.Today, individuals acquiring certain basic competencies through traditional methods are not what is needed. Individuals, who have learnt how to learn, who internalize the advantages of the educational activities, who have mental and academic infrastructure, who can think freely and apply what they learn, are needed.

Marmara Education Institutions achieved to become World School of 21st Century by keeping abreast of developments in education and teaching, continuously seeking for perfection and applying world class education system.

Future is not destiny and it is what our children can change. For this reason, our educational philosophy should raise children who are sensitive to environment, nature, human rights, who are tolerant to the personal differences, who are equipped with the competence to lead the way to reach the global knowledge, who are pacific and who internalize team work.

Teachers and students at Marmara Education Institutions achieve phenomenal successes at home and abroad and the results are shared with the public opinion proudly. It is one of our important criteria that the students graduating from our schools shall have English proficiency besides other competences.

We have justified the pride of providing education in an institution, which has all kinds of required equipment that are designed for education and teaching, which is unique in Turkey. Our education institution is located in the pinewood, far from the city crowd, 100% earthquake-resistant, equipped with the facilities and tools to make learning easier and has health units. Marmara Education Institutions have proven to be valuable institutions with their quality of educational services in a free environment, technological equipment and friendly personnel.

We achieved the perfection with you.

Hope that we share our success with you in the future…

Best Regards…

Hüseyin Şimşek / FOUNDER

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