Message From The General Manager

Genel MüdürümüzdenWe are the bright future of the World. We are the young generations of Republic of Turkey. We are the promising children of Gazi Mustafa Kemal. We, as the generations who shall have hand in the development and enlightenment of Turkish nation, are on duty with the mission of increasing our nation inherited by Atatürk over the level of contemporary civilization.

We understand the education which is the most important condition to complete the mission successfully and have taken firm steps forward in the path of education which requires labor, seriousness, devotion and responsibility since 1985.

We, as the Marmara Education Institutions, provide contemporary education at the World School of Turkey for the children, who are the guarantee for the modern Turkey of future, in order to achieve its social and historical duty with the purpose of following Atatürk’s objective of “raising a youth with free thought, free conscience and free knowledge”

We have climbed the to the top, beginning at the bottom, in terms of education and teaching with the philosophy of ‘from kindergarten to the life’. At the point we have reached today, Marmara Education Institution is a strong structure including kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, high schools and university within its body. We are located in Marmara Education Village since 2002 for this purpose.

We provide our children, who are at Marmara Education Institutions, with the opportunity to realize and develop their abilities at Marmara Education Village, which is the biggest campus in Europe, providing them all kinds of opportunities, including education areas, where the educational activities from science to technology and from sports to art are carried out, laboratories, technology classrooms, ateliers, halls, pools, tennis courts, ice-skating rink, sports centers etc. with the physical and technological infrastructure and experienced academic staff.

Our basic principle is to create a more virtuous, more sensitive, more sensible and more humane World. At least it is important to have an important and active role in this development. Our objective is to contribute to the constitution of virtuous humanity endowed with existential consciousness, environmental consciousness, peace, freedom, democracy and love. With this universal perspective we call our school ‘The World School of Turkey’. We provide the students with world class education to raise them as the individuals internalizing the global values and make them successful individuals on both national and international platforms. We as Marmara Education Institutions honor to provide world class education with the title of World School entitled in MYP in order to raise individuals who are devoted to principles and revolution of Atatürk, who believe in democracy and universal law, who have proficiency in foreign language and who are creative, enterprising, investigative, querier, satisfied and sensible.

Besides IB programmes which are implemented with the purpose of providing the students with universal perspective we attach importance to foreign language education starting from kindergarten and we provide second foreign language for the next years. Our students have chance to know different cultures and to enrich and improve perspective on life by means of international student exchange programmes, competitions etc.

Evolution is, for sure, continuous development process in time. In this scientific definition it is required to have thinking and creative minds. As it is possible if only perspective on life gets wider the tiniest value that we add the history and humanity shall honor us.

We heartedly believe that tomorrow will be brighter by means of our hopes created with the enthusiasm.

With respect and love,

Marmara Education Institutions
General Manager

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