Student Houses

We provide disciplined, planned, systematical, adorable, safe and secure boarding school opportunities for our boarder students.

We meet the accommodation requirement of our students in our dormitory which was built in compliance with earthquake regulations and is located among the pinewoods in the bosom of nature. We provide them a natural, healthy, comfortable and serene life where steady friendships are established.

Marmara Education Village Student Houses which integrates educational life with nature renders the youngsters healthier, more dynamic and productive with the opportunities it provides.

The Opportunities of the Houses
Properties of the Apartments and the Rooms

In our three-floored dormitory buildings, there are two opposite positioned apartments and two adjacent rooms in the middle section with their individual bathrooms on every floor.

Inside the apartments, there are four rooms with their individual bathrooms and a shared kitchen. These rooms are either single or double at most.

In the carpet-covered rooms designed for our students’ convenience, there is a bed, a wardrobe, an étagère, a Bookshelf, a coat hanger, a study table and an office chair for each student. And wireless Internet is available in all the rooms.

Properties of the Common Areas

In the common areas inside the apartments (each consisting of 4 rooms), there is a table with its chairs, a refrigerator and a kitchen unit. The common areas are regularly cleaned by a professional crew and garbage is regularly collected as well. The individual bathrooms in the rooms are cleaned once in two days.

Medical Service

Our health center and full-equipped ambulance render 7 days 24 hours service to our students in case of any possible health problem.

Sport Opportunities

Marmara Education Village in which the dormitory is located provide our students a natural sport environment with its fresh air and gorgeous position among the pinewoods. Walking tracks, a full-Olympic swimming pool with its sunbath terrace, indoor and outdoor tennis courts (cut price), basketball courts, football fields, a fitness center (cut price) are at the disposal of our students to make use of their extracurricular time well.

Catering Services

Our refectory renders service with its full-equipped kitchen and professional team. Our students may benefit from the refectory with the options of full board, half-board or just dinner. Or they may buy meal coupons that they can use any time during the year. Apart from the refectory, there is a patisserie and cafeterias within the body of each faculty. Besides, the cafeteria in the dormitory has room service.

Our cafeterias are at our students’ disposal with their telecast, sitting areas for visitors and play equipment (table football, billiard, etc.).

Security Services

The security unit of Marmara Education Village renders service with its professional team and security cameras. The entrance doors of the dormitories are opened by e-cards with personal cyphers, and entrances and exits are 7 days 24 hours monitored and recorded by the security cameras.

Internet and Study Room

In the student houses unlimited wireless Internet service is available 7 days 24 hours. Apart from this, a study room is at our students’ disposal with its Internet connected computers, study tables, drawing boards and rest areas.


There are regular shuttle buses between Marmara Education Village and the center of Maltepe. Besides, 19B and KM40 numbered IETT buses have access into the Education Village.