Beyza Karadağ's Success in Assist

Beyza Karadağ, the student at Marmara Private Science High School 10-A has been entitled to study in America during 2017-2018 academic year through “Assist” program. Beyza Karadağ expressed her feelings and thoughts as follows:

“At the beginning of the academic year I made an application for ASSIST to study in America next year. At the end of a long, exciting and challenging process in which I was subjected to a series of written and oral examination, I was one of the four students who were entitled to go to America from Turkey. The program is only about being successful academically; the art and sports activities you are involved and different fields of interests are also concerned. It is highly important to represent the country culturally in a best way and to have ‘global perspectives’ like stated in the school’s mission. I am really glad and proud to be accepted. I would like to thank my school that provided me such an opportunity, my teachers and my family that always support me.”

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