The presentation of the “Come to Your Future” project under the leadership of Kartepe District Directorate of National Education took place at Kocaeli Marmara College.

Deputy Mayor of Kartepe Murat Çakır, Vice Rector of Maltepe University Dr. Betül Çotuksöken, Kartepe District Governor Tuncay Dursun, Kartepe District National Education Director Ferhat Dilek, Fevziye Tezcan, Vocational Anatolian High School Manager Metin Yalaz and members of the Project Executive Board attended to the introduction presentation of “Come to Your Future” project which was done under the leadership of Kartepe District Directorate of National Education. Vice Rector of Marmara Education Institutions and Maltepe University Dr. Betül Çotuksöken made major contributions to the project.


The project was introduced by Fevziye Tezcan Vocational Anatolian High School Director Metin Yalaz. He said in his speech: “Our project has two basic principles. The first one is to work in the field and the second one is to provide teacher-student-parent cooperation in every sense.” He also added: “As it is understood from the name of our project, it is a step to the future. In order to ensure that parents, students and teachers work together in every sense, movie days, parents’ meeting appointment system, greeting and honor days, kite festival, nature hiking days and cycling activities will be organized. It is within the scope of our project to organize communication seminars in order to make our parents' communication with students more effective. At the same time, 1440 teachers will be given training seminars to communicate better with parents and students. Our goal is to create a conscious society by prioritizing the right of all children to be educated in the best way.”

To evaluate the project, Kartepe District Governor Tuncay Dursun said “Teachers often have to take over the responsibilities of our parents, too. This is a difficult and laborious process. The more the parents are with the school and the teachers, the more successful we become in education. I will be happy to take part in this project as an honorary teacher.” Deputy Mayor of Kartepe Murat Çakır also stated that they will support any project for the children and they will do their best to build a better future, adding that “Kartepe’s children should also have a bright future.”

At the end of the presentation, flowers were presented to Maltepe University Vice Rector Dr. Betül Çotuksöken, Marmara Education Institutions Coordinator Mehmet Alkan and, on behalf of Project Executive Board, to District National Education Directorate Private Bureau Teacher Fehime Karakurt.

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