Our Friendship Grew Stronger with Our Sister School in Russia

Our students, who visited our sister school in Astrakhan, Russia on April 9-16, 2019, returned home with happy memories.

Throughout the one-week program that Astrakhan Linguistic Gymnasium students and teachers prepared, Russian and Turkish students enjoyed many activities such as sightseeing, museum visits, picnics, sports games, concerts, dance shows, contests, painting, fishing, bowling, etc. The students talked in English and Turkish. Our students enlightened many subjects that are usually wondered by foreign students such as the truths about Turkey, traditions and customs, education system, family life, fields of interest and eating-drinking habits.

Our students were welcomed dearly by their host families. They had the opportunity to experience Russian cultural values and family life.

As stated by all the participants of this project, such international programs bring different societies together with love and respect and contribute to world peace.

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