Atatürk says: “Teachers are the one and only people who save the nations. A nation without teachers and educators has not had the competence to have the name of the nation yet. It is simply called a mass, not a nation. A mass needs educators and teachers to be a nation.

In the National Schools -Millet Mektepleri- founded on November 24, 1928, everybody regardless of age or gender was taught to read and write with the new letters.  The date November 24, when the National Schools was founded and Atatürk was recognized as the Head Teacher – Başöğretmen- has been celebrated as Teachers’ Day in Turkey since 1981. Besides, November 24 is also the date when "Special Intergovernmental Conference on the Status of Teachers" starting in Paris on October 5, 1966, ended and when UNESCO representatives and ILO accepted unanimously Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers”

The official ceremony of Maltepe District Governorship was organized at Marmara College this year. The ceremony starting with the speeches of the protocols continued with the poems cited by the students, Zeibek dance show and the message from the alumni for the teachers. Özge Eyüboğlu, the alumni of 1998 gave a novel touch to the ceremony with her songs. The ceremony ended with oath-taking of the new teachers.