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Being a World Citizen

In the globalizing world, as the borders are removed, the individuals who are to adapt to this integration must have a command of at least two foreign languages and have the qualities of creativity, entrepreneurship, self-innovation, interrogation as well as that of learning to learn.

Marmara Family raises its students as individuals who are devoted to Atatürk’s revolutions and principles, who can think globally as much as they are proud of their national identity, who have acquired the necessary social and cultural skills and who are ready for higher education in line with their academic, intellectual and social interests.

Our students respect for all world cultures, make it their life style to keep pace with the developing technology and have the knowledge and self-confidence in the way to become the successful scientists, businessmen, statemen and artists of the future.

In the classrooms and laboratories supported with modern technology a student-centered education system is implemented so as to provide that students make research and implementations in various fields.

Our students create hobbies according to their individual abilities and interests in company with specialist teachers and thereby find the opportunity to develop themselves. They can decide what they want, they become more qualified by turning their knowledge into life skills and thereby they prepare for their prospective lives in a better way.

While our students develop their ability in the sports fields they are interested in, they also solidify their friendship and sharing by attending English, German, drama studies, moot contests, meal contests, cinema days, concerts and excursions.

Bodrum MarmaraCollege is an education institution affiliated to The Ministry of National Education, which has the status of “Anatolian Private School in which part of the lessons are taught Foreign Language (English).

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