Field of Works

The guidance and counselling service in Private Marmara High School; provides individual, social, educational and vocational support for the students and parents.


Counseling and Guidance is a type of relation based on the individual or group meetings between the students or student groups with the basis of confidentiality with the purpose of solving the developmental and other problems of students in a constructive way or supporting the students to cope with the problems.


All the events carried out in a planned manner with the purpose of supporting the academic, vocational and personal/social development of the students.  The group works are carried out in relation to the following issues:

Girl-Boy Relations and Flirt 
Exam Anxiety and Coping with it
Effective Study  
YGS-LYS Orientation 
Instructions on Class-Passing and Course Selection
Goal Setting and Motivation  
Instructions on Doing Test
Problem Solving Skills 
Recognizing and Managing Feelings
Adolescence, Sexual Health Education  
Protection from Bad Habits  
Learning Styles Determination  
Interest-Skill-Competence Test and Inventories (“Self-Evaluation Inventory”, “Academic Self Concept  Test”, Basic Skill Test”…etc.)

Through the cooperation of parents, teachers, administrators, school psychology and medical experts; ways of improving students’ performance, ways of improving family relationships and ways of acquiring self-confidence, etc. are planned and applied. This process is conducted through seminars, conferences and panels organized by the Counseling and Guidance Center of our school for the students, parents, teachers and teachers from other schools.

Seminars and Conferences organized in the school: 

“Technology and Its Positive & Negative Effects on Children” Neurologist Bülent Madi 

“Family and Education” Prof. Dr. Ayla Oktay 

“Reflecting Our Inner Power into Life” Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş 

“Substance Addiction and Drug” Counselling Department Coordinator Birsel Kutlu Timirli 

“We are ready for the Exam En Familie” Psychological Counsellor İlhan Sevin and Nevin Çiftel 

“Quality Communication in the Family and the School” Prof. Dr. Üstün Dökmen 

“Basic Principles of Education” Prof. Dr. Norma Razon 

“Media Literacy” Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan 

“Adolescence, Sexual Health and Hygiene” Nurcan Müftüoğlu (TAV) 

“Divorce and Its Effects on Family Members” Dr. Armağan Sabancı 

“Attention Skill and Its Effect on Success” Assistant Prof. Tamer Ergin 

“Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit” Prof. Dr. Yankı Yazgan 

“The Aspects of Parenthood, which we are not Aware of” Assistant Prof. Azmi Varan 

“Being Parent in the 21st Century” Prof. Dr. Nermin Çelen 

In-service Works for Teachers: 
“Philosophy for Children” Prof. Dr. Betül ÇOTUKSOKEN 
“Goal Setting and Future Planning” Prof. Dr. Betül ÇOTUKSOKEN 
“Substance Addiction and Drugs” RDM Coordinator Birsel Kutlu Timirli 
“Multiple Intelligence” Neurologist Bülent MADİ 
"Communication and Team Spirit Awareness"  Asst. Prof. Dr. Özge Uğurlu and Elif Sungur 
“Informing on YGS-LYS” psychological Counsellor İlhan Sevin and Psychological Counsellor Nevin Çiftel 

Group Works for Parents and Teachers: 
Life-Long Communication

Life with Adolescent

Our school counsellors, organize, execute and evaluate the counselling programme of the school. This involves, preparing a counselling programme that fulfills the needs of our school and all of the activities for conducting this programme in line with Marmara Education Institutions’ principles and in coordination with the other units of the school.


We aim to direct the students to right departments according to their interests, abilities, achievements and personalities. We provide information about universities and university programmes; we conduct tests; we monitor the success rate of our students in private establishments preparing students for the University Entrance Exam, we conduct studies to help the students acquire time-management skills, test technique and for minimizing their exam anxiety.  During the placement phase, our experienced staff helps the students make the best choice according to their interests, abilities and rate of achievement in the exam by arranging individual meetings with the students.

RECOGNITION AND DIRECTION: Students are supported starting from grade 9 in order to create awareness in relation to their vocational interests, skills and values. Each recognition tool used during the process is shared with the students and their parents and it is created a portfolio.

CAREER DAYS: It is provided that the students meet with the academicians dealing with their dream-professions and they are informed in relation to the professions.

UNIVERSITY TRIPS: In order to increase the motivation of students, it is provided that students learn about universities on-site and meet with the academicians. (Boğaziçi University, İstanbul Technical University, Yıldız Technical University, Mimar Sinan University, Galatasaray University, Sabancı University, Gebze Institute of Technology etc.) 

TOUCHING UPON HIGHER EDUCATION:  It is provided that the students have chance to take the sample class in three departments at least and learn about higher education in cooperation with Maltepe University.

ACADEMIC SUPPORT: It is provided that the students focus on the success by means of the assessment of the results of the exams starting from the grade 10. As a result of the assessment the students are provided with the individual etude hours.

SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Individual and group works are carried out in order to increase the motivation of the students and reinforce the exam anxiety coping skills. Coordination is highly important during the process in order to have the support from parents, teachers and peers.





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