Flag Raising Ceremonies, Morning Roll Calls And Surveys
  • Work week begins on Monday and finishes on Friday with the Flag Raising Ceremony. All the students and the teachers has to attend the ceremony.
  • Students attend the flag raising ceremony at the specific places allocated in advance for their own class and organized according to grade levels.
  • Food and drink are not permitted at the ceremony field. Cell phones and beepers are kept switched off during the ceremony.
  • The assigned students do the duty of holding the flag and pennon. 
  • The students in charge of holding the flag should be attentive to their general appearance.  
    The students who want to make any announcements during the ceremony should inform the school principal in advance and receive approval. They should make their announcements on foot without sitting on the stage or leaning on it.
  • Those who want to make an announcement during the first lesson in the morning should deliver their announcement text to the assistant principal the previous day till 15:00. The announcement text is manifolded and delivered into the delivery boxes of the teachers after being certified by the school principal.

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