IB Exams – Evaluation and Diploma

To qualify for the IB Diploma Award:

• Six subjects studied concurrently

• One subject from each of the six groups

• At least three but no more than four taken at higher level (HL)

• Others at standard level (SL)

• Extended Essay (EE)

• Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

• Theory of knowledge (TOK)

As well as these academic subjects, students will study Theory of Knowledge (TOK), complete an Extended Essay and satisfy the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) component. Students in 4 Year Lycée Program should meet MEB graduation requirements to receive a MEB Diploma as well as IBO DP graduation requirements to receive an IB Diploma. The IB, based on published criteria, assesses students both internally (done by the school) and externally. The final score in each subject area varies from 1 (very poor) to 7 (excellent) this score is determined according to the published assessment criteria which reflect the performance achieved by the student in subjects taken. This does not mean that a student’s performance will be assessed relative to other students’ performance in the same subject and level. The score is determined on the basis of a number of assessments; the exam score itself is not the only one counted. The work that the student does throughout the year such as projects, case studies, group or individual work is also part of the final score. This is assessed by the teacher and also moderated by the IB. The external examination is divided into two or more papers and tests students ’skills in various ways such as multiple choice, case studies, essays, analysis of experimental data, etc. The internal assessment counts for 20-40% of the overall subject score, depending on the subject, and the rest comes from the external examination. There are no examinations for Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Service and Action (CAS). The highest score that one can get from a subject is 7. Students have to aggregate at least a score of 24, out of six subjects in order to obtain the IB Diploma.

A score does not evaluate the Extended Essay and The Theory of Knowledge yet successful work brings a bonus point. Non-completion of these two subjects will result in failing to get the Diploma even if the total score is the maximum, i.e. 42.

A bilingual diploma is awarded to a candidate who fulfils one or both of the following criteria:

• completion of two languages selected from group 1 with the award of a grade 3 or higher in both.

• completion of one of the subjects from group 3 or group 4 in a language that is not the same as the candidate’s nominated group 1 language.

The candidate must attain a grade 3 or higher in both the group 1 language and the subject from group 3 or 4.


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