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The organization is carried out by “The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award-Turkey” under the representation of the Turkish Human Resources Education and Health Foundation (TİKAV). “The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Programme for Young People” 21st Bronze and 17th Silver National Award Ceremony was hosted by İstanbul Marmara Education Institutions on December, 4, 2015.

The ceremony where 302 participants from 14 schools completing the programme received the awards and certificates hosted Sultan Yılmaz, the Board Chairwoman of the Turkish Human Resources Education and Health Foundation (TİKAV), Melissa Clissold, the National Director of the Award Programme and the Principals, Vice Principals and teachers from Marmara Education Institutions, and the Vice Rectors and Vice Deas from Maltepe University. Moreover, Marmara Private Education Institutions are glad and excited to be part of the project this year.

Our school initiated the European Union project which was initiated in 2015 and shall continue for 2 years with 5 countries and 6 partners within the scope of Erasmus + Key Action 2 School Education Strategic Partnership activities supported by Turkish National Agency. The first visit of the project supported by Turkish National Agency was to Budapest, Hungary between 8th and 15th November 2015. In the project named “Made in Europe” participated by 16 students from our school the studies on art, music, sports, science and history are carried out.

Naime Önal, attending the European Youth Parliament (EYP) 18th Turkish Selection Conference was entitled to represent our country abroad.

Our school’s 11 IB Geography students attended “ENO TREELYMPICS 2015” organized in Özyeğin University between 8 and 10 December 2015 as the guest of ENO (ENVIRONMENT ONLINE) under the guidance of Necef ZALOĞLU, IB Geography teacher. ENO(ENVIRONMENT ONLINE), with the headquarter in Finland was established with the purpose of raising awareness in relation to the protection and development of the forests which make great contribution to the development, welfare and health of the society in relation to the economic, ecologic and social benefits and which have strategic importance. ENO TREELYMPICS 2015 event in Özyeğin University was hosted by Ülkü GÜRSOY, ENO Turkey Coordinator. Our students having opportunity to make conversation with the Direction of International Leaf Rachel BOYLE made contributions to the sustainable development by planting the pines granted for them at the end of the event.

The results of the first exam for “ASMA INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS CONTEST” consisting of 6 exams and attended by Marmara Private Education Institutions for the second time were announced. According to the announcement our school came third in the contest among the schools participating from Turkey.

Marmara College Foreign Language Department teachers met for the in service education seminar on “Myon”, the digital library system with multimedia support including almost 5.000 books in accordance with the interests and reading skills of students. The foreign language teachers negotiated on how the students report and evaluate the reading activities and compared the notes in order to find out the most efficient way to use the system.

Marmara Private College students have grown various products with Permaculture (Organic Agriculture) at the farm in the Marmara Education Village. The students in 10th grade last year trained on ‘Permaculture, Sustainable Organic Agriculture’ under the guidance of Sedat Toy, the Geography Teacher applied the methods they learnt in our school. They grew various products in the huge glass greenhouses placed in the farm ant at the garden in our school. Learning how to use the fertilizer, to cultivate, to weed, to use pesticide, to select seeds and to plant out, our students experienced ‘Sustainable Agriculture Methods’ which are highly important for the future. Now our students will start to grow the agriculture products for winter.

Marmara College European Youth Parliament (EYP) Club students attended National Youth Forum (EYF) held by Enka Schools between 11 and 14 December under the guidance of Zülal Eroğlu, the History teacher and Sitem Sipahi, English Language teacher. Our students taking charge in the committees including human rights, growth, development, industry, research, energy, civil rights and freedom, economy, culture and education, security committees in the parliament in which the political, economic and technological developments in 21st century’s world were entitled to have certificates as a result of their four-day academic studies. We thank Deniz Oruç ,Ceren Erdoğdu, Sinem Özdemir, Özge Atlı, Melisa Candan, Yağmur Kırali and Eralp Karduz who represented our school successfully and wish them continued success.There is an aid campaign in our school within the scope of 4th October, World Animal Day. The food, medicine and newspapers collected were delivered to the Tuzla Animal Shelter.

The teachers staying at Mustafa Necati Bey Teachers’ Rest Home watched the play named ‘Toros Canavarı’ with Social Solidarity Club and IB students on 24 November Teachers Day.

Dreams without Barriers Club students in company with the club guiding teachers İrem Piperoğlu and Melek Ekşi visited “Dreams Academy” carrying out projects with the purpose of ensuring the participation of handicapped and socially disadvantaged individuals in social life by way of art.  “Dreams Kitchen”, one of the training workshops which are the sub projects of Dreams Academy, was the meeting point of the handicapped and socially disadvantaged individuals and the students from Marmara College. Having an enjoyable and meaningful day, our students experienced unforgettable moments by having new friends and making cookies.

Ayla Şentürk, the student at Marmara College 11-B, took part as the journalist and Media Team Manager in the conference named  “Regional Sessions of Finland” and organized in Kuopio, Finland by the European Youth Parliament between 6 and 8 November 2015. Our student, monitoring the works carried out by the committees attracted the attention by means of the various articles she wrote and the successful interview she made with Fahad Saher, the chairperson in the conference.

Marmara Private Anatolian Vocational High School 11th grade students studied on Radio-TV Programming took part in underplanting activity organized by The Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage known as ÇEKÜL.

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