From Our School Principal

The website of our school has been prepared in order to provide easy access to information about the academic, culltural, artistic and sport activities provided for our students at Marmara Private High School, and to provide that the privilege our school presents be seen via the Internet as well. With this purpose in mind, visual and written document on the mission, vision and educational objectives of our school, the successes and responsibilities of our students, annual academic calendar and the physical and educational opportunities provided by our school are included in the website.

Being a “World School” our school was founded in 1965 and was accredited by CIS (Council of International Schools) in 2008. Besides, our institution, the aim of which is to provide that the students gain success and experience at international level in the light of national values was authorized by IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation) to implement the IB programme. Detailed information is accessible under the title “our education programmes.”

Acting with the responsibility of being a world school, our school gives its students the opportunity of receiving education abroad and the foreign students the opportunity of getting to know our country hosting them at home via Rotary Long Term Exchange Program as well as giving support to the expansion of intercultural education via the student Exchange programme of AFS (Turkish Culture Foundation). Information about the other student or teacher Exchange programmes carried out by our school can also be accessed from our website. 

Our Counselling Department lights the way of our students and parents on various issues with its semi-annual periodical TERAPİ. The semi-annual youth magazine AVAZ is published with the contributions of the students and teachers of Marmara Anatolian Vocational High School. Besides, OKULUM MARMARA school bulletin is published semi-annually by the teachers of Marmara Anatolian Vocational High School as well. All the former issues of our periodical publications are accessible from our website.

Our institution, which improves itself on education and training every passing year, is always open to your opinions and suggestions. You can always share your ideas with us via our website under the title “Contact Us.”

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