Academic Honesty

• Academic honesty: Academic honesty must be seen as a set of values and skills that promote personal integrity and good practice in teaching, learning and assessment.

• Malpractice: The IBO defines malpractice as behavior that results in, or may result in, the candidate or any other candidate gaining an unfair advantage in one or more assessment component. Malpractice includes:

• Plagiarism: this is defined as the representation of the ideas or work of another person as the candidate’s own

• Collusion: this is defined as supporting malpractice by another candidate, as in allowing one’s work to be copied or submitted for assessment by another

•  Duplication of work: this is defined as the presentation of the same work for different assessment components and/or diploma requirements

•  Any other behavior: that gains an unfair advantage for a candidate or that affects the results of another candidate (for example, taking unauthorized material into an examination room, misconduct during an examination, falsifying a CAS record).


It is the anticipation of the IBO that all work presented is the students’ own work. Marmara Private High School places a high value on academic honesty and all student products are subject to turn-it-in check to detect any plagiarism.


Students who violate the intellectual honesty are subject to the sanctions of IBO Diploma Programme General Regulations as well as Awards and Discipline Regulations For Secondary Education Schools2 (Official Gazette # 22188 Jan. 31, 1995) and Ministry of National Education Pass, Fail and Examination Regulations (8 December, 2004/25664).

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