Enrollment information


  • Student Enrollment and Tranfer Procedures are carried out via e-okul (e-school) in line with the Regulations of the Ministry of Education.
  • Parents who want to enroll their children in Marmara Private Elementary School get an appointment from the school administration in order to obtain information about the curriculum of our school. In the interview made with the education director of the relevant unit, the parents are informed in detail about the daily life at school, curriculum, framework programme, courses, syllabus, assessment-evaluation system, parents-teachers communication system, activities, after-school and weekend activities and the school fee.


  • The guidance service makes individual interview with students who are to be enrolled to the 1st grade in a play environment in order to see if they have reached school maturity and to know the students. The results of the interview are shared with parents.
  • In the process of students’ placement to classes, the recorded results of the guidance interview are taken into consideration.


  • Students who apply for enrollment to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades are accepted according to the interview held by our guidance service and the results of the placement test. The results of the interview and the test are shared with parents. If the student’s change of school is considered positive by the guidance and counseling department, the enrollment application is granted.
  • If there is vacancy in the mid-grades quota, the transfer procedures are carried out according to the Transfer Regulations for Elementary Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education.
  • According to the regulation, students enrolled in mid-grades by examination cannot apply for scholarship in their first academic year in the school. They can only apply for scholarship for the next academic year.

 Important Note: Our enrollment date is limited to our quota.

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