About Our School

The philosophy of Bodrum Private Marmara Elementary School is to raise interrogating, researching, self-confident, satisfied and sensible individuals who believe in the democratic values of Atatürk, are devoted to the principles of the Republic, know about other cultures as well as their own culture, can use the language efficiently, can produce solutions to problems, can transform their knowledge into life skills and who can openly express their feelings and ideas. To render our students successful not only in the society they live in but also in international level is among our primary objectives.

With this consciousness, our institution not only implements the PYP and MYP programmes of International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), the philosophy of which is “LifeLong Education” but also conducts joint projects with such organizations as ECIS (European Council of International Schools), CIS (Commision of International Schools), Eco Schools and EU Education and Youth Programmes.

Foreign Language

  • Beginning from the kindergarten our students begin to receive foreign language education supported with the full language learning system and methods with the cooperation of Turkish and foreign teachers in order to reach the optimum level in using their verbal skills. They begin to receive the second foreign language education from the 5th grade.
  • Our students optionally enter the ESOL exams, one of the most credible exams held throughout the world by Cambridge University. Our students prove their proficiency level in English getting accomplishments above national and international averages.

Social Activities

  • Our students are supported with various multidirectional and interdisciplinary social activities at every phase of our education programme with the purpose of providing that they know themselves, improve their interests and skills, gain the habit of planned study, acquire the skill of entrepreneurship, attend to group works, develop positive attitudes and behaviours such as discharging their responsibilites. 

Ranked among the most prestigious schools both in our country and in Europe with its experienced teaching staff following the latests development in education, its physical conditions providing so many social Activity opportunities to the students and its technical equipment of latest technology, Marmara Private Elementary School proves a privilege for both our students and parents as the World School of the 21st Century. 

Parent Letters

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