Rules And Operation

Bodrum Marmara College students

  • Do not give harm to school materials and equipments.
  • Do not any fellow students or teacher (by swearing, ridicule, nicknaming, etc.).
  • Do not make disrespectful gestures, mocking mimics, etc. toeards others.
  • Do not spread rumors and gossips.
  • Do not lie.
  • Do not intentionally give physical harm to others (by kick, punch, spitting, slapping, etc.).
  • Do not fight or quarrel.
  • Do not threathen or intimidate others.
  • Do not take others’s belongings without first asking for permission or give them harm.
  • Do not cheat in exams or help the cheaters.
  • Do not object to the punishment given by the teacher.

Course Hours Rules

  • Coming to the class on time
  • Silently waiting for the teacher to come after preparing the necessary course materials
  • Having the necessary course materials either in the school bag or in the school cabinet
  • Doing the homework or tasks given by the teacher on time and in a complete manner
  • Paying attention to the teacher during the course, following the rules of speaking during the lesson and not speaking without taking permission by raising hand
  • Do not act in a way to disturb the learning environment; viz. by making noise, walking around the classroom and bringing food or drink to the classroom or consuming them during the lesson
  • Keeping one’s clothes, classroom and desk clean
  • Not leaving the classroom without asking for permission (students can only leave the classroom without permission in cases of emergency and bringing information note on their return to the classroom)
  • Not bringing stuff that are not suitable for use in the school (e.g. MP3 player, cell phone, camera, redundant amount of money, cutlery, chewing gum, accessories, objects of ridicule, etc.)

Break Time Rules

  • Conforming to the warnings of the teacher on duty
  • Not running through the corridors or wandering with food and drink
  • Using the equipments and other stuff (e.g. boards, benches, play fields, etc.) in the common areas properly
  • Not talking loudly, not shouting
  • Acting properly and showing respect to others
  • Not going out of the school garden and playing according to the rules
  • Conforming to the rules while using the cafeteria, the chess room, table tennis area and the library
  • Giving priority to minores while shopping from the canteen, lining up and showing respect to others’ turn
  • Keeping the common areas clean
  • Not going into the administrators’ or teachers’ rooms without having permission first
  • Going up and down the stairs from the right side
  • Using the toilets sanitarily
  • Using the toilet materials for their purpose and ensuring that the plugs and lights are off while leaving the toilet

Refectory Rules

  • Entering the refectory in company with the teachers in determined order
  • Showing respect to others’ turn
  • Being silent in entries and exits
  • Setting the chairs right and leaving the trays on the counters designated by the refectory personnel

Sports Hall Rules

  • Bringing the sports outfit completely in the days of physical training lesson (students from the 1st to the 4th grade may come to school with their sports outfit on)
  • Using sports trainers in the sports hall
  • Not talking loudly in changing rooms
  • Putting back the sports materials in their place properly after using them
  • Not taking materials without permission
  • Using the student cabinets properly and with care

School Bus Rules

  • Being ready at the particular point three minutes before the arrival time of the school bus
  • Not standing up while the vehicle is under way and wearing seat belt
  • Not talking loudly or making noise in the vehicle
  • Acting in conformity with the rules of good manners in collective areas and concurring with the warning of the school bus officer.

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